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Brief Description of Thailand Culture

Thailand culture

Buddha image is the most important constituent in Thailand culture. Thai art is the major item included in Thai Culture. At the moment, there’s a fusion of traditional art with contemporary practices. It has the most notable work in thailand.

Spoken drama isn’t given any importance in Thailand, but rather there’s Thai dance, divided into three classes- Lakhon, Likay and Khon. A kind of shadow cover, Nang Drama, is popular among southern Thailand. Folk music and classical music both are have their significance as well as pop music. You can learn more about folk music via

Apart from it, one of the typical customs contained in Thailand is Wai, a frequent gesture that’s very similar to Indian Namaste. The hospitable and generous people of Thailand pay plenty of respect and homage for their elders, because it’s the core of their religion and religious belief. Seeking blessings from the elders is deemed significant mark of respect.

Among the great things about Thai food is that they never eliminate the leftover food, as they believe it inauspicious and an enraging behave to a female deity, ‘God of rice’. The food is fulfilled only if it contains all of the four tastes. ¬†Aside of Thai food, Thailand music is also more popular. If you are interested in Thai music, you can visit –

Thai dinner mostly consists of meat, fish, noodles, soup and vegetables followed by desserts such as fresh fruits and colorful rice cakes. Besides foods, there are snackers comprising chicken or beef satay, spring rolls, salads, raw vegetable with hot dips and sweets.

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