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Dental Implants For A Missing Tooth

Teeth are dropped due to injury or illness. Trauma can arrive in the shape of an injury or surplus biting forces. The disease is usually tooth decay or periodontal disease [gum disorder] however there are different types like cancer and assorted neoplasms of their jaw which might cause tooth loss.

Luckily a professional dental implantologist can normally eliminate the rest of the root, put a dental implant, and then fasten a brand new tooth to that augmentation in 1 trip of an hour or two. Cosmetic and General Dentists in Fareham – Crofton Dental Care assist you with professional and affordable dentistry services.

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More often than not the remedy for one lost spine enamel is as follows:

  • Extraction of the tooth and grafting of their main sockets. Wait 4 weeks afterward
  • Placement of a dental implant to replace the origin of the single tooth. Wait 4 to 6 weeks afterward
  • Placement of an abutment on the dental implant and document taking for the manufacture of a crown to replace the only tooth. Wait 3 months afterward


The demand for replacing one lost tooth at the trunk is often times less intuitively obvious as the demand for replacing one lost tooth at the front, but it’s vital. Teeth are extremely movable.

We have all seen an Orthodontist putting strain onto a tooth that has a little rubber band and transferring it where he wants. Every tooth in the mouth has a position and a goal.

Multiple missing teeth normally follows one missing tooth. Every time a tooth has been lost and never replaced it hastens the process of shedding more teeth.

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