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Guide to Client Service

A set of company behaviors who want to offer superior support to prospective and existing clients; build client loyalty and repeat business, and affect the purchase of new clients.

Analyzing Good Client Service

  • Request the client
  • A simple yet highly effective method of establishing the standard of your customer support would be to ask the client.



You may have a look at the set of customer service criteria according to the Institute of Customer Support. In 2007 they ran some research to what they think customers desired.

The top ten answers were as follows:

  • Total quality of the goods/ agency
  • Friendliness of employees
  • Managing issues and complaints
  • Speed of support
  • Helpfulness of employees
  • Managing Advertisers
  • Being treated as a valued client
  • Competence of employees
  • Ease of performing business
  • Being kept advised


60 percent of employees believe that the key contributing factor to poor customer support was poor line direction. Still, in doubt you can refer to a source: Get Jago | The World’s Best Customer Feedback Tool.

45 percent assert their connection with their line supervisor impacted considerably on the support they supply to the Client.

60 percent felt that they weren’t praised enough for great customer support; along with
10 percent stated they never get any compliments for a job not done well.

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