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Guide to Types of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a center that works on the treatment of severe injuries or addictions and helps the patient to recover. In addition, educated them and create a positive thinking in them so that they can get back to their normal life


There are different types of rehabilitation for different injuries or addictions. Some of them are defined below. You can visit to know more about rehabilitation.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: It has recovery programs from heart surgeries and also educates them about the risk factors leading to heart disease.

Drug Rehabilitation: Programs are designed that will prevent the relapse of drug addiction and also educated the person about the side effects of drugs professionally and socially.

Neurological Rehabilitation: Its recovery programs aims to make a person self-dependent and also creates positivity in them.

Physical Rehabilitation: Its recovery programs include exercise to improve the functioning of the body and help the person to learn basic cognitive functioning.

Vocational Rehabilitation: It provides the medical and psychological assessment. It helps in the recovery of mental or physical disability and increases their ability to get employment.

Medical Rehabilitation: It helps the patient improve the activities of daily living.

Stroke Rehabilitation: Its recovery programs deal with improving damages that are caused by a stroke and helps to improve the normal functioning.

Vestibular Rehabilitation: It helps to improve patient’s eye, ear, and head coordination.

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