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Minimize Hydraulic Cylinder Failure

As a product category, hydraulic cylinders are nearly as common as motors and pumps combined. Therefore, in the event that you run a great deal of hydraulic gear, it is very likely that cylinder repair cost is a considerable part of your overall operating expenses.

This does not signify that the cylinder will not perform the work asked of it will – but not having a decent service life. Buy hydraulic cylinders for industrial use at affordable prices and of good quality.

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So in the event that you have some cylinders that don’t continue as they should, you might need to tackle one or more of these four issues:

Bending of cylinder sticks may be brought on by insufficient pole diameter or material power, improper cylinder mounting structure plus a mix of those three.

When the pole bends, deforming load is set on the rod-seal. This raises congestion and ultimately leads to premature failure of the seal.

The allowable pole loading for a cylinder within a present application can be assessed using the Euler formula.

The top finish of the cylinder rod has a substantial influence on the lifespan of this rod seal. If the surface roughness is too low (eloquent ), seal existence can be decreased as a consequence of insufficient lubrication.

If the surface roughness is overly large, contaminant ingression is raised and an unacceptable degree of leakage beyond the pole seal can result.

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