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Reasons Why Medical Marijuana Stocks Are a Smarter Play than Recreational Pot Stocks

The marijuana industry was nearly unstoppable recently, with this momentum carrying over in 2019.

Pot stock investors should be ready for a crazy ride–

Michigan, the fifth biggest economy in the world by gross domestic solution, and the allegedly biggest “legal” bud marketplace on earth have also fought. You can browse to know more about medical marijuana transportation services.

Tax revenue collected by the country was almost 50% lower compared to expectations, together with oversupply and red tape regarding dispensary license permits weighing on the business.

What exactly if bud inventory investors do to maximize their likelihood of earning money in this business?

The response which may surprise some people maybe to concentrate your attention on firms which are targeting medical marijuana customers.


Medical marijuana stocks deserve your attention–

To start out with, medical marijuana patients are a lot more likely to use cannabis goods and also be inclined to open their pockets than recreational marijuana users.

From the quarterly published National Cannabis Survey, released by Statistics Canada, 95 percent of healthcare users with instruction reported spending cash on cannabis within the previous 3 weeks, whereas only 57 percent of users reported spending more on marijuana.

Further, 70 percent of healthcare users using an issued medical marijuana card utilized marijuana per day, compared to approximately 20 percent of recreational customers.

Essentially, this smaller pool of customers can create more predictable cash flow and use compared to the adult-use sector.

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