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Science Based Six Pack Works By Guiding Men Through Three Thirty Day Phases

Regardless of what a person’s starting weight might be, looking good and feeling good is often what men aim for when they start a weight loss or fitness program. The Science Based Six Pack product has a very optimistic view for men looking to slim down and tone up their abdominal region. Some men are overweight when starting this program, while other men have an average weight, but each need to cut their body fat percentage in order to look better and develop six pack abs.

There are three phases that relate to how the Science Based Six Pack works. Each phase consists of thirty days, and after ninety days a dramatic transformation should have taken place if the program was followed properly.

If you want to know how Science Based Six Pack works it will be worth your while to take a look at the three phases of this ninety day intermittent fasting program authored by Thomas DeLauer.

The Meta Shift

During the first phase of the Science Based Six Pack program, fasting is incorporated into a man's lifestyle. This fasting should be done according to the program in order to be done safely. The purpose of this fasting is to help reset the body in a metabolic manner but without losing muscle mass or damaging the body’s metabolic functions. Fasting is not done consistently, rather there are certain days and times where it is utilized. The first phase only involves 3 days of fasting per each week.

The Meta Burn

In this second phase of Science Based Six Pack, more carbohydrates are added into the daily diet. The concept of a “Fast Break Strategy” is used to continue upon improving your metabolism and to promote overall weight loss. Carbohydrates are used for energy, but you'll eat them in moderation.

The Meta Keto Phase

In the third and final thirty days of this program, fat intake is increased quiet a bit. This is when the body will become adapted to the fat, or ketogenic. Keto diets are commonly used in weight loss programs as they allow for a greater amount of weight loss in a short amount of time. Limited carbohydrates will force the body to oxidize any fat on the body and utilize it as energy.

You can learn more about how Science Based Six Pack works and how you'll progress through the three phases spread out across ninety days on the official company website.

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