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Problems With the DePuy Attune Knee System

From so many years, the DePuy Attune knee system has been related to many problems and difficulties. Difficulties stem from the epoxy resin cement used to attach the implantation, but damaged designs and risky things in the implantation itself have also produced problems. You can also visit for hiring DePuy knee lawyer.

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Difficulties of the Attune Knee System include:

Decreased range of motion

The fracturing of knee system elements

Joint swelling

The release of Augmentation debris to the body

Tibial subsidence

Loosening of the joint

Grinding of the knee joint

Improper alignment of the implant components

Joint instability

Nerve damage to the knee

Device Dislocation

Joint pain

These problems may result in complex problems and might create major fitness concerns. If the implantation is misaligned, along with even the glue fails, it might reason the joint to become unbalanced and can lead to intense pain.

Also, the discharge of augmentation or glue debris to the body can lead to other severe complications, such as infection. In a number of instances, these problems have led patients to have the implant eliminated through revision operation.

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