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Various Causes Of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia basically refers to the irregular enlargement of mammary glands in males giving them female-like breasts. This situation is typically not physically painful but it is difficult to live with for most males. 

Those live with this type of condition often suffer psychological anxiety and social stress because they feel that their condition makes them physically unacceptable in society.

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Prominent breast tissue in males may also be a symptom of a more significant underlying health problem. Whatever the cause, most men are anxious to find cures for this condition. So what are the causes of this disease?

Abnormally enlarged breast tissue in males is normally attributed to an inequality of hormones but in reality, the underlying cause is generally unknown. 

What is known is that the disease often presents itself during puberty and old age. For the most part, when it happens, males often grow out of this phase and the mammary organs or glands seem to shrink to a more natural and acceptable size.

Many men with irregularly large mammary glands are overweight but not all cases occur in overweight subjects, therefore, only a similarity can be made between gynecomastia and obesity. 

Physicians have found that many cases of gynecomastia have been triggered by the main use of certain medications such as Risperdal which is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorders and spironolactone which is used essentially to treat heart failure.You can know about Risperdal boys breasts lawsuits and current Risperdal Gynecomastia lawsuit information via various websites.

There are so many treatment choices or alternatives for men who live with abnormally prominent breasts. 

The only true cure of gynecomastia would be to diagnose and treat the underlying or bad condition. By doing so, the breast enlargement which happened as a major side effect will most likely be reduced or eliminated.Or similarly, if the large growth of the mammary glands came as a side effect of a medication, use the other medication. 

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