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Turkish Real Estate Sector

The Turkish real estate sector, offering greater opportunities for investors, has come to prominence especially in the last years. With the recent economic crisis and the global economic recession the European and US markets have been negatively affected, the market in Turkey is still promising.

While the decrease in demand as well as a downward trend internal prices have been observed all over Europe, in accordance with Turk Stat research a number of apartment units sold inside the second quarter of 2009 increased 72 percent compared with the same period of 2008 in Turkey, which implies that Turkey has a large growth potential within the property sector. If you are really interested in buying property in turkey then you can browse

The entry of global actors into the housing market is improving the competitiveness of the industry, while huge mergers and acquisitions happening to assist its extension and overall growth rates.

Different studies and journals such as the “Emerging Trends in Real estate Europe”, prepared jointly by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and the Urban Land Institute, show how international and regional interest in the Turkish real estate sector has increased. In line with the 2009 distribution of the report, Istanbul is placed as the third most attractive investment market in Europe after Munich and Hamburg. You can browseمعلومات/tr/10-بيع_العقارات_التي_تملكها_في_تريا_to get best Real Estate in Turkey.

As Turkey advances over the route to EU membership, the primary legal reforms introduced have created investing in the housing market much more successful and also simpler. The amendments to the Draft Mortgage Law the Land Registry Law and the redrafting of tax laws are also designed to enhance the competitiveness of the Turkish property market.

The property market in Turkey also has excellent prospects thanks to demographic factors which might be changing in parallel with improving economic results. The interest in practices and professional and logistical regions is expected to increase in accordance with the growing quantity of worldwide and local businesses.

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